Franchise mart can help you navigate the buying process by introducing you to the top franchise developers in the industry

Franchisemart is a franchise consulting service for people looking for a more efficient and effective way to research the world of franchising before making an investment into a franchise. Our concept makes us unique. Our expertise makes us the best. FranchiseMart represents over 100 franchises and business opportunities throughout 15 locations, in 3 countries around the world! Let one of our FranchiseMart franchise consultants guide and coach you through a 3 step process of selecting the right franchise or business opportunity for you!

Free Franchise Consultation

We will get to know you and your goals. We will take into consideration your business background, skills, hobbies, and investment level. Our franchise consultants are on call to help you identify the franchise that best fits your needs, experience, and business requirements.

Determine the right franchise match for you

Whether it is a food franchise, home-based franchise, automotive franchise, sign franchise, senior care franchise, we will be able to provide you with franchise information on the selections that meet your criteria. Perhaps a home based business is a better fit for you. Search based on your criteria and see only what fits your needs.

Franchise Research and Due Diligence

You will be provided with general information on the franchise opportunities you select. You will have the opportunity to speak with the franchisors and ask them questions about their franchise.

Featured Franchises