Resale Assistance Program


Resale Assistance Program Steps Resale Assistance Program Steps

Why We Are Number One?

  • We sell more franchise resales than anyone else!
  • Our partners are licensed business brokers and are located all over the world.
  • They recognize the benefits of franchising while also still being able to speak intelligently on the numbers.
  • They talk about performance representations, so you don’t have to.

Our Goals Are Aligned With Yours

  • Confidentiality
  • Finding the best buyer to fit your system
  • Making sure the buyer is sold on your brand and not just the numbers
  • Getting the right price for the buyer and seller
  • Getting the buyer to the Closing Table
  • Ongoing reporting so you can focus on your business

Our Network includes the #1 FRANCHISE BUSINESS BROKER

Benefits for the Franchisor

  • Single contact and referral source
  • We manage the due diligence process
  • Up to date reporting to franchisor on the sales process
  • Local one-on-one representation for your franchisees
  • We coordinate the closing of the sale
  • Potential revenue opportunity for YOU

Benefits for the Seller

  • Preparation of a comprehensive business analysis
  • Marketing pricing assistance
  • No upfront fees
  • We pay the cost of advertising, marketing, co-brokering, listing fees for online directories, etc.
  • We coordinate the closing of the sale
  • Find the Best Buyers and get Top Dollar


# of Resales 1-10 11-20 21-49 50+
Management Fee
(Fee is Monthly Total – Not per location)
$1,000 $1,500 $2,500 $3,500

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