Franchise Opportunity Spotlight: Experimax


Why Experimax? There’s never been a better time to invest in a cell phone repair business. 81% of Americans currently own a smartphone, and that number is projected to continue increasing well into the future. Furthermore, 90% of Americans access the Internet on one or more devices, proving that smartphones, laptops, and tablets are important parts of our daily lives.

Experimax capitalizes on these trends by offering three unique lines of service: Repairs on electronics devices, oftentimes while customers wait in-store; Trade-ins on older devices towards the purchase of a quality, refurbished, pre-owned device; Sales of pre-owned laptops, tablets, and smartphones for customers looking to upgrade.

These three unique revenue streams allow franchisees to work with a wide range of customers, making their Experimax franchise the go-to source for tech in their community.


This franchise model gives you the tools to help you run your business smoothly, even if you have little experience in the tech industry.


Experimax has already developed a strong reputation as a trustworthy source for purchasing and repairing pre-owned devices. Enjoy the benefits of our years of hard work by partnering with Experimax.


They keep a comprehensive range of parts on-hand so that most repairs can be completed in-store! No one likes to send their devices off for repairs, and Experimax will provide a fast and efficient experience.

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